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Author s : Ruševičiūtė, Rūta; Ruževičius, Juozas Abstract: There are ženklo modelis major theories dealing with brand equity: finance-based, consumer-based and integrated. The consumer-based approach aims at identifying and evaluating mostly intangible attributes that are unclearly or ambiguously distinguished by academics and practitioners of our country.

The aim of the article is to prepare a versatile consumer-based brand equity evaluation model based on the research of David Aaker, Kevin Lane Keller, Jean-Noel Kapferer and Noriaki Kano as well as the studies conducted by the ženklo modelis of the article.

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The developed model covers such important brand attributes as brand awareness, brand image, product quality, product price and loyalty for a brand. The article also includes an interpretation of the model's practical application as well as methodical matrix for the evaluation of individual attributes.

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